On The Line Tennis Junior Program

At On The Line Tennis, we have developed a creative, energetic tennis program designed to progress with your child.  Our students are assessed and put into a relevant group based on their abilities. 


We believe it is important for children to learn about keeping fit and healthy, competing, learning new skills, and dealing with winning and losing.  Sport gives everyone skills for life.

Small class sizes

Maximum 8 students per class.  Four to six students per court.  Coach  for every four to six students

Skill Level

For beginners, immediate or advanced players.

A program designed for children as they grow.  


Learning new skills and techniques through fun, teamwork, and variety of games


Supervised match play helps hone skills, up fitness levels, and teach the rules of the game

Orange Tennis - ages 7-9

Basic skill development, hand-eye coordination, footwork and movement.

Shot making skills, racquet control, ball placement.

Having fun, learning through games.

Introduction to scoring and match play.

Green Tennis - ages 9-11

Taking the game to the next level.

Grip changes, swing tech, learning top spin back spin, footwork.

Advanced tactics and strategies, scoring, movement, court position.

Preparing for potential competition, competitive play.

Yellow Tennis - ages 11-16

Building upon the fundamentals gained at green ball.

The Yellow level is what most people know as traditional tennis.


The balls, courts, and racquets at this level are used in the majority of adult matches and at the professional level.

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