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Four Day Summer Camps

For the full Summer Camp 2022 Schedule click on the button

School is out, time for tennis! Half Day summer camps run from Monday to Thursday with Friday being an automatic makeup day. From time to time, we may offer a reduced drop in price for Fridays and run a special one-day program based on the week’s camp.

Summer camps are a great way to quickly improve your child's game. From the novice to the competitive player, each child will be grouped according to ability. Our energetic coaches give our players a fun-filled week of tennis where they learn proper technique, develop their game, sportsmanship, and friendships whilst having a blast! Last year our players kept returning week after week!  .

For beginners, our goal is to help students to have a foundation on the fundamentals of the game of tennis, the rules, and the basic techniques on what to do, the different swings, and how to deliver them properly.

For intermediate players, we focus on footwork together with delivering forehands and backhands, serves, and volleys through match play.  At this level, players focus on their technique and consistency. Players are exposed to heavy live ball drills that help them develop flexibility and agility to enable them to have quick decision-making skills.

For more advanced players, focus is on enhancing and developing the skills for competition. At this level, players are expected to improve their technical skills and learn certain tactics and strategies. 

Check out our 8-week tennis classes for juniors who want to play more tennis throughout the year.  More questions? Click on our FAQs page.


Typical Day Schedule

  • ​Camps run from 9 am to 1 pm 

  • Warm up exercises, games, drills

  • Work on that day's specific focus, for example: groundstrokes, serves, volleys, 

  • Practice the day's focus through fun games and activities.

  • Matchplay and water balloon serving!

Lunch and snacks are taken in a shaded area.

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